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Lootah Lemmens

Lifting Chain | Precursor | MFX | WLL: 1.4 to 10 Ton

Lifting Chain | Precursor | MFX | WLL: 1.4 to 10 Ton

Lifting chains are an essential tool for industries that require moving and lifting heavy loads safely and efficiently. A lifting chain precursor is a single-leg chain assembly that consists of a top link on one end and a hook of your choice on the other end. This design offers numerous options for your lifting needs.

MFX is a well-known brand that offers high-quality lifting chains and chain precursors. MFX lifting chains are made with grade 100 material, which enables them to handle more weight with a smaller chain size. Additionally, MFX lifting chains come with a wide range of hooks, providing you with ample choices to suit your requirements.

  • Working length: 0.50 to 8.50 m
  • WLL:  1.4 to 10 Ton
  • Hooks: Flap Hook (MYM), Safety Hook (MYD), Grip Latch Hook (MGL), Shackle (MYR)
  • Brand:  Mitari
  • Material:  Grade 100
  • Safety factor:  4:1
  • Finish:  Painted Blue
  • Standard: NEN-EN 818-1 to 7 & NEN-EN 1677-1,-2,-3 and -5

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