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Lootah Lemmens

volt trac™ Electric Chain Hoist

volt trac™ Electric Chain Hoist

volt trac hoists are motorised chain hoists. They are used to lift and transfer loads. volt trac is designed for permanent installation on a jib crane, underneath an overhead crane, or on motorised or non-motorised trolleys. They are suitable for handling relatively heavy objects while reducing the physical effort of the user.

With volt trac, Tractel® is offering a new generation of electric chain hoists which are robust with FEM/ISO rating of 2m/M5 as well as an economic solution for your lifting needs.

Ergonomic modular construction allows fast disassembly and assembly during maintenance with easy access to all major parts: chain guide, motor and electric components.
This all adds up to low total cost of ownership for you.
In addition, Tractel® is able to provide accessories for volt trac which will complete your customised application.

  • TuV Rheinland independent certification to all aspects of EN14492
  • Modular design allowing ease of maintenance
  • Oil bath lubrication for better cooling and low gear wear
  • Thermal cut out and phase protection as standard
  • Slip clutch overload protection
  • Reduced control voltage (24V)

Standard capacities: 250kg to 2000kg at FEM/ISO rating 2m/M5
Available on request FEM/ISO ratings can be adapted from 1Am/M4 to 5m/M8 expanding the capacity range to: 125kg to 2200kg

volt trac™ Electric Chain Hoist from Tractel in UAE. Buy your electric wire rope hoists and electric chain hoists from the most trusted dealer of Tractel in UAE.

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